Which mouse do pro Valorant PLayers use?

Posted on Fri 13 May 2022 in Gaming

Even many Valorant Professional PLayers use the G Pro X Superlight as their primary mouse.

Does gaming mouse make a difference Valorant?

When you're playing Valorant, the mouse you're using makes all the difference in the world. It can quite literally make or break you. The best mouse for Valorant should feature a highly responsive sensor and have low latency to allow you to respond instantly. It should also be easy and comfortable to use.

What mouse does 100t asuna use?

Asuna currently uses the Razer DeathAdder V2 mouse.

Is Viper Mini good for Valorant?

Although not its best model, the Viper Mini is most suited to Valorant's level of movement. This wired mouse comes at an affordable rate and weighs as little as 61g, making it optimal for players to land the most accurate shots in the game.

Is 1600 DPI better than 800?

1600 dpi is better than 800 or 400 dpi due to faster mouse latency.

Who is the best Valorant player?

ShahZaM – Best Valorant player in North America While Shazam may not be the best player in a specific role, he is the overall best player in North America due to his versatility. He is the in-game leader for Sentinels, one of the Top 3 teams in the world.

What mouse does ScreaM use?

What mouse is ScreaM using? ScreaM uses the FinalMouse Classic Ergo 2 with a DPI of 400 and in-game sensitivity 2.35.

Is Logitech G203 good?

The Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC is great for FPS gaming. It feels well-built, it has excellent click latency, and it has an ambidextrous shape that's ideal for a fingertip grip, regardless of hand size. It also has good mouse feet that glide well on desks or mousepads.

What sensitivity do Valorant pros use?

The average Valorant pro keeps their mouse at 400 or 800 dpi and their eDPI scores are around the 400-500 mark. This is because their Valorant sensitivity is around the 0.3-0.6 mark. As you can see, they all have pretty low eDPI's with players like Brax and Myth opting for very low settings. Calculate your eDPI.

Is the model o good for Valorant?

I will forgive you if you have not heard of the Glorious Model O. Unlike the previous two suggestions on the list of excellent mice for VALORANT, Glorious is not a juggernaut of branding in the PC world. However, they make some excellent mice. Chief among them is the Model O line.