Are Azeron keypads good?

Posted on Sun 15 May 2022 in Gaming

With a sturdy metal chassis as a foundation for the impressively 3D printed, hand-assembled components, the Azeron Keypad is heavier than expected for a 3D printed accessory, though still absolutely compact and portable. It's also easy to set up physically, though a little fiddly.

How do I program my Azeron keypad?

What is an Azeron keypad?

Azeron Compact Gaming keypad - Programmable Gaming Keyboard for PC & Console Gaming - Customized, 3D Printed Analog Thumbstick keypad with 24 Buttons - for Righties.

Is Azeron cyborg worth?

The Azeron Cyborg is a must-have accessory for any high-skill-level PC gamers out there who are searching to push their gameplay to the next level. Not only that, but it's well made, highly customizable, and can even be used for a surprising number of non-gaming-related tasks.

How do you use Azeron?

How do you use Azeron cyborg?

How do I setup my Azeron keypad for warzone?

Does Azeron work with XIM apex?

All you really need to do is plug your Azeron into PC, run Azeron Software and select the option to Calibrate Analog Stick. That'll ensure Azeron has no stick drift or wheel menu problems on XIM.

Can you use Azeron on Xbox?

Azeron keypad will work on console games that support mouse & keyboard input, however you will first need to map your keys on your pc. You can even use onboard profiles to switch between games/consoles etc.

How do you replace a Azeron joystick?