Is gaming addiction a growing problem?

Posted on Thu 16 June 2022 in Gaming

Game addiction is a growing problem. More and more young people with this addiction are treated in clinics. Studies estimate that 10 percent to 15 percent of gamers exhibit signs that meet the World Health Organization's criteria for addiction.

How many Australians are addicted to gaming?

Video game disorder or game addiction is real as it affects 67% of Australians of all ages. The International Classification of Diseases and Health-Related Problems (ICDHRP) classified game disorder as a disease that will be adopted in 2022.

How many students are addicted to video games?

“Over 2 million college students are addicted to gaming in the US,” Whatley says. The time spent on gaming takes away from time for study, which can result in devastating consequences. “The average college student addicted to gaming spends 5–8 hours per day on gaming and a minimum of 31 hours per week,” Whatley says.

What percent of the world is addicted to video games?

3-4% of gamers are addicted to video games. In a 2021 systematic review and meta-analysis, the global prevalence of gaming disorder was found to be 3.05%. That means there can be as many as 60 million people (or more) suffering from gaming disorder.

Who is most affected by gaming addiction?

Males between the ages of 18–24 are most at risk for gaming addiction. 94% of males and 6% of females represent the gender breakdown for gaming addiction. 69% Caucasian, 13% Asian and 18% of other ethnicities is the ethnicity breakdown for gaming addiction.

Is 8 hours of gaming too much?

Spanish investigators found that any skill enhancements linked to gaming among those aged 7 to 11 started to max out after about eight hours of gaming a week. And those who played nine hours or more a week were more likely to have social and behavioral problems.